Tuesday, January 3, 2012

The New Year Has Come

It's 2012!

New year, new resolution, no?

I had quit to make new resolution this few years. I think I will just do my best to get what I want to achieve from time to time, but I will not put pressure to achieve them. That way, I don't have to be stressed out if I failed to get what I want, right :) Brilliant!

Shasha will enter Standard 2 while Sarah is still in her kindy (6 yeras old). Izzat will turn 2 this year. I didn't spend so much to buy new things for my girls for their school as the old ones are still in a good condition.

I hope this year I can increase my saving. The last two years I had spent more than 70k of my savings for our house and deposit for our new car and I still can't replace the money. But how to do that if I can't control my spending habit? That one cannot be omitted as I enjoy buying things. It's my theraphy and reward for myself, don't you think so? Well, I know there will be an opportunity cost for whatever decision I made. Just what I've said before, no pressure, no stress, I will just do my best.

I know I have write less in this blog. I actually have lost interest to open my netbook and use the internet whether to blog, to read, to browse, fb, youtube... Dunno whether this year I will write more often. I planned to buy tablet so that I could conveniently use the internet whenever and wherever I am. I think Samsung Galaxy Tab 7.0 plus is the best option as it has the latest application and very convenient. What best is it can surely fit my handbag. That's awesome!

Happy New Year everyone!

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