Thursday, August 6, 2009

Rambutan Gula Batu

Have you ever heard of this "rambutan gula batu". For those who live in Malacca, this particular rambutan is common in some areas, I think. We got 2 "rambutan gula batu" trees at my mom's house back in Malacca.

Ini rambutan biasa

Ini rambutan gula batu. Buahnya bulat-bulat dan kecil. Rambutnya lebih keras.

This kind of rambutan is special as it is sweet and juicy and also kampung folks said it is "lekang". Dunno the translation in English meh. I suddenly want to taste again the sweet sensation of eating this rambutan although it has already 2 times we gone back to collect this fruit. We collected as many as possible and then distributed to our friends and neigbours. Lebih elok kalau kita berkongsi rezeki kan. My friends really love it! Some even asked to buy from me.

Pokok rambutan gula batu. Sangat rendang. Even my kids boleh petik sendiri masa pokoknya penuh buah.

Sarah enjoying her rambutan gula batu. She loves it so much!

Ahh..I'm craving for this rambutan gula batu... Dear hubby, can we go back to Malacca again, can we? Can we?....

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